ManCaveWe’ve all been there: we’re holding an awesome, ice cold beer and it’s begging us to drink it… but we can’t find a damn bottle opener. Sometimes we like to be extra manly and open them with our teeth (not recommended), but overall, we’d love if it was easier to find a bottle opener whenever and wherever we needed one. At some point, some genius (Edison? Einstein?) decided that bottle openers should be built-in to things so that when they aren’t opening your drinks, they’re serving another important purpose. Ooo, we feel a Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” commercial coming on…


Anyway, we found some awesome gadgets and accessories that happen to have bottle openers built into them. You can never complain about staring at an unopened bottle ever again.


Bottle Opener Baseball Hats

Sometimes we think our hats are actually fused to our heads because of how often we wear them. That’s why these bottle opener baseball hats are one of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen. You can choose a hat and it comes with a solid, sturdy bottle opener built into the brim.


Happy Hour Watches

Again, something you wear every day – so why not make it useful beyond just telling time? Happy Hour Time Pieces make two different styles of bottle opener watches (Dark ‘N’ Stormy and Bottoms Up) and they actually look pretty cool, too.


Brewsees Sunglasses

These sunglasses were created by a normal dude who had a dream: to open his beer. He made his dream come true, and in turn, made our dreams come true. Brewsees Sunglasses have the bottle openers built into the end and they tuck right behind your ears until you’re ready to get drinking.



We consider our iPhones to be our first-born children, so a case is a must to protect them. But what if there was an iPhone case with a bottle opener built in to the back? OH WAIT, THERE IS.