It takes someone hardcore to keep their beard through the hottest days of summer. It separates the men from the boys. For the fellow furry dudes out there, this one’s for us.


Beard Beer:

Created by Oregon-based brewery Rogue Ales, Beard Beer is just that… beer brewed using yeast from a guy’s beard. And not just any guy – John Maier, the Brewmaster at Rogue Ales. They actually sent a clipping of his beard to a lab to see if they could get any viable yeast from it. They claim it was sort of a joke, but much to their surprise, they were able to isolate a yeast in there that was perfect for brewing beer.


The Book of Craft Beerds:

We found a book… shocking. This is the perfect addition to your summer reading list because it requires very little brain power and/or reading skills, and is focused on man’s appreciation for beer, facial hair and cool pictures. Sign us up for that. The book is over 250 pages of beer-artwork. However, to be included in this literary masterpiece, the artwork has to depict sweet facial hair as well. Sounds like a win-win.


Cheers to beards and beers.