tailgating tips

‘Tis the season for great tailgating, but if you’re going to do it, you better do it right. We know you’ve got the tailgate food down; any real man knows its burgers and BBQ or nothing. We want to help you guys think outside of the 6-pack and get a little more creative with your tailgating drinks.


1) We’re not telling you not to drink beer. That would be against bro code. We just want to help you to make the most of your tailgating experience. That being said, you need magnetic beer koozies. Yes – need. #1. Koozies help keep your beer cold. #2. Adding magnets to them prevents the need for seeking out a stable surface to rest your beer on when you’re stuffing your face with burgers. Just stick that sucker to your car while you eat/go to the bathroom/gesture wildly as you argue with your friend who supports the opposing team.


2) JELLO shots may seem so college, but when it comes to tailgating, they’re a portable, effective way to “drink.” Don’t let your buddies catch you making these; enlist the help of your girlfriend. Make them in your team’s colors and make sure you put them in small plastic condiment containers that have lids. Load up a cooler and enjoy.


3) Do you have an SUV? Clear your trunk out and turn it into a full bar. Take a note from this guy, who brought this concept to a whole new level. Seriously buddy, you’re our hero.


4) We know you’re grown men, so we’ll keep this brief: pace yourself. Yes, a huge part of fun tailgating is drinking – but please remember that this is all before you have to go into a football stadium and watch a game for a few hours. Don’t be the guy that a) gets kicked out of the game for being too drunk or b) doesn’t even make it into the game because he passed out in his folding chair.


Bonus tip: If you’re single, consider making a “signature” drink that matches your favorite team. Chicks dig themed beverages… trust us.