Google may only be turning 14 years old this month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate and have a drink for them. Google has brought booze, and everything else, to our fingertips, like giving us directions to the nearest brewery while we’re on vacation and of course, a plethora of drinking games. There are a couple drinking games out there based entirely on Google, but as drinking experts, we decided to try our hand at creating our own game.
One of the best parts of Google are the Google Doodles – aka, the fun, artistic ways they sometimes design their name on We picked out some especially cool ones and created printable cards for your use. You will have to cut them out, so we recommend drinking after you’re done using the scissors.

The rules are simple:
• Mix up the cards. One person draws a card and puts it on the table for everyone to see.
• Everyone writes down a guess as to the date they think that Google Doodle was posted.
• Then the person who drew the card consults the answer key and announces the correct date.
• The person who guessed the closest wins that round and assigns drinks to everyone else.
• The person who guessed the furthest away is out of the game and can drink alone in the corner for the rest of the night… or until that round is over.

Play the game this weekend and let us know how it goes! Bonus points (and maybe extra cards) for readers that post pictures to our Facebook page.