The ultimate wine accessory has arrived. If you have a collection of precious wines, a wine cellar, or cannot pull out the cork for the life of you, then this is the gadget for you. Greg Lambrecht, founder of Coravin, created The Coravin Wine System using his background of mechanical engineering and his love of wine. He wanted to be able to drink any quantity of wine from any bottle he wanted, at any time of the day. Now, he can; Coravin allows you to pour wine from the bottle without removing the cork. When you remove the cork, oxygen flows into the wine, and this prevents you from storing it back in your wine cellar or else it would go bad. With Coravin, a thin needle pierces through the cork, inhibiting any oxygen from seeping in. Once the needle is in, you can pour your glass, and you are free to enjoy that same bottle of wine three or four years after the day you opened it.

Now you can truly enjoy a valuable bottle of wine. Most people shy away from those $600 bottles of wine, but now you don’t have to feel guilty about opening them because with Coravin, it is as if you never did. This is also perfect for the avid wine taster. Comparing and contrasting different regions, brands, and ages has never been easier. You can go through as many bottles as you want.

If you are lucky enough to have a wine cellar, you can finally access your collection. You can sip and swirl your fine wines without the pressure to finish the entire bottle. You can even taste test your wines to see if they are aged enough to drink. Instead of just admiring your wines and wondering when you’ll ever taste them, you have the freedom to taste them all, even if it’s just a sip.

Coravin has revolutionized drinking wine. With this ingenious invention, you can experience the same wine in so many different ways. You can go to their website and, depending on your location, they offer you the nearest store that sells a Coravin. They have different models, but they are all around $300. If money is tight, they also tell you which restaurants carry Coravins. This way, if you can’t buy your own, you can still experience it.