flaviar_app_flavour_spiralDo you ever feel like you’re blindly wandering through the liquor store, unsure of what your future purchase will hold? You walk past bottle of rum after bottle of whiskey and you ask yourself: how am I supposed to buy booze if I don’t know what it will taste or smell like? Well fret no further – you can now consult Flaviar, the new iPhone application that provides a multi-sensory drinking experience.

You’re probably wondering, what does that even mean? Let us walk you through the app’s novel flavor identification process. Flaviar identifies a drink’s flavor by representing its tasting notes as a “Flavor Spiral”—and it will do so for over 10,000 different spirits. The flavor spiral creates a beautiful illustration of every spirit’s most prominent flavors. Using this technique will ultimately teach users how to taste liquor, as the flavor spiral reveals a hidden spectrum of flavors that one wouldn’t immediately recognize through simply tasting/smelling a beverage. The folks at Flaviar claim that, through this visualization, users’ brains will be further stimulated, as the added “sight” component strengthens the “tasting” experience.

These flavor profiles aren’t just made up out of the blue, either. They are carefully collected from other app users as well as members across the fine spirits community. Additionally, the app offers drink ratings and reviews, information about distilleries, production techniques, and (drumroll please) an online booze delivery service. That’s right, because Flaviar brings users “the closest (they) can get to tasting (a drink) before actually tasting one,” the company allows those utilizing the app to buy booze directly from their phones—all they have to do is wait for it to arrive at their front door.

Interested in Flaviar? Download it for free in Apple’s App Store, then let us know how you like it!