I have a suit. It’s a two-piece, navy blue stunner that was once my go-to for youthful entry-level interviews. It was actually my college graduation present from my dad.

Now, its resume wielding days are gone. Now, it goes to weddings. Why? Because it’s my party suit and I don’t care what happens to it.

So as summer approaches and the wedding season kicks off, it’s time to drop off the party suit at the dry cleaner to rid it of what ever lingering party memories remain from last summer and get it primed up for this one.

I dig weddings. For some, they’re a burden (time, travel, expense and so on). I can sympathize with that. But for some, they are a glorious time to reunite with old friends and relive the days of glory. I tend to lean more towards this camp.

You know why else I love weddings? Two words: open bar. What’s better than getting together with all your old friends from high school or college and having a good ol’ night out on someone else’s tab? Plus, there’s the whole celebrating the loving union of two people committed for life thing. I get it.

So shuffle your ‘save the dates,’ mark your calendars and dust off your party suit or dress.

But a final word of warning, beware open bar syndrome.