easter_beer_by_shadayimIf the guests at your Easter Party this year are a little too old for an Easter egg hunt, we have something in mind to make it a bit more age-appropriate: beer. That’s right, we’re throwing an Easter beer hunt this year instead! A boozy option always makes your guests a little more down for the hunt anyways. All you’ll need is some festive beer, colorful spray paint, and lots of outdoor space.

Now, you’ll probably want to buy a maximum of six beer bottles per person, and you must disperse them very broadly. We don’t want anyone stealing all of the hidden beers and drinking them until April Fool’s. Some festive suggestions are Mikkeller’s Hoppy Easter, Carlsberg’s Semper Ardens Easter Brew, and Gouden Carolus Easter Beer. Once you have all of your beer, it’s time to start coloring. While you can actually paint the bottles, spray paint might be a much easier and cleaner option. Just remember to place plastic over the cap while you color them so nobody winds up drinking paint.

Now it’s time to pick your hopping ground! A large garden or a nearby park would be ideal, but you can always create your own obstacle course at home. You can even get creative and use milk cartons, shoeboxes, or larger poster tubes as hiding places. If you think it might be too easy, you can set a few ground rules. For example, make everyone put the bottles back in a special six-pack before searching for more. Another interesting tidbit would be to have everyone chug a beer each time they discover one.

Regardless of the rules you make up, your next Easter beer hunt will surely be a hit. And remember to leave the peeps out because your tipsy guests will definitely be in need of some sweets.