Nothing brings the family together like the holidays and a gulp or two of liquor. Still stumped on what to get someone on your list? We’ve got a few ideas for you based solely on what they prefer in their glass:

The Beer Lover – It’s America’s drink of choice and we know more than a few of your friends and family members live for sipping on a cold brew. Whether their favorite past time is brewing their own crazy craft beer at home, waiting in line for the hottest new microbrew or simply throwing a couple of brewskis back with the boys – we have a gift on this list that’s perfect for them.

1. Yeti Hopper 20, YetiCoolers.com $299.00
2. BxB Radiators Sfoglini Pasta, sfoglini.com $8/lb
3. Beer Savers, Craftbeerware.com $7
4. Alcoholwicks Pale Ale Candle, brownbagsoap.com $13
5. BROO Shampoo & Conditioner, broo.com $7.49 Per Bottle
6. Beer Tote, popchartlab.com $22
7. Rare Beer Club Membership, beermonthclub.com $35/month
8. Beer B-Q Sauce, williams-sonoma.com $29.95 (Set of 3)
9. Beer Cap Map USA, uncommongoods.com $35.00
10. Oregon Craft Brewers Truffle Collection, moonstruckchocolate.com $30.00

AND don’t forget the wrapping paper! Amazon.com $9.95

The Wineo: Now we all have those friends and family members who are bound to be sporting a red Rudolph nose at the Holiday dinner table after one too many glasses of vino. Lucky for you, we have selected a few gifts that are sure to keep them glowing all night long!

1. Mama Needs Some Wine Pillow, wineenthusiast.com $60
2. Wine Bottle Fire Extinguisher, wineenthusiast.com $149.94
3. Bike Wine Rack, oopsmark.ca $34.00
4. Vacu Vin Wine Saver, winefolly.com $14
5. The Durand – For Fragile Corks, thedurand.com $125
6. Go Vino Plastic Wine Glasses, Amazon.com $29.90 Set of 4
7. The Wine Sac, Amazon.com $39.95
8. Wine & Cheese of the Month Subscription, cheesemonthclub.com $95.90/Month
9. Wine Barrel Jewelry, oliveandpoppy.com from $42
10. Snow Ski Wine Rack, uncommongoods $58