Clean Wine

 Raise your hand if you get a headache every time you drink red wine? We view it as the most evil form of torture but the truth is, a lot of people suffer from wine headaches. Deerfield Ranch Winery understands the problem and is doing something brilliant to solve it.


The California based winery is known for crafting quality wines that are clean, organic and made for anyone that suffers from an allergy to wine. Trademarked as Clean Wine, it’s a wine headache sufferer’s dream. So how do they do it? By lowering histamine and sulfite levels. The two chemicals are created during the fermentation process when yeast and bacteria react. By triple hand-sorting their grapes and reducing the amount of bacteria they’re using, Deerfield creates wines with lower levels of histamines and sulfites.


Deerfield sells their Clean Wine in most parts of the U.S. If you suffer from wine headaches or find yourself breaking out in hives after one glass, these are for you. Look for them in your local wine shop and let us know how it goes.