giphyDo you believe in rituals when you watch your favorite sports team, such as wearing the same jersey for every game? Well these rituals not only belong to the world of sports but to cocktails as well…

Jesse Simon explored why the rituals and practices of making cocktails are the most important factors of why we truly enjoy the cocktails served. As Jesse put it, if you put 20 people in a room and asked them to make a cocktail that requires only 3 ingredients you would end up with a total of 20 different drinks. From preparation to mixing to serving, every step alters the drink.

When we are sitting at the bar and are watching our bartender make our cocktail we notice the precision they have when pouring every drop in as well as putting the zesty garnish on the rim of the glass. All these factors contribute to past rituals of making these cocktails and mentally draw us in on how much went into this drink as it increases in value to us. The same goes for when our favorite football team scores a touchdown to win the game while you were wearing the team’s jersey, it increases in value and importance.

It’s the little things that count in life, are we right? And those minute, ritualistic details prove why the ingredients and process of making a cocktail are so important for an individual’s uniquely desired drink.