1428484249386To promote their “Johnnie and Ginger” cocktail (made with ginger ale and the company’s Red Label Scotch whiskey), Johnnie Walker has produced a new glass containing scientific abilities coined, “The Boldest Glass.” Word on the street is this “bold” cup is actually a futuristic “music” glass utilizing bone conduction technology; when one sips from it small vibrations are transmitted into the lower jaw, creating audio that will “enhance the brain’s perception” of the beverage.

Confused? Let us explain more. The audio itself is actually beamed from an AM/FM transmitter and then led through a hidden amplifier located at the bottom of the glass. So essentially, the surface of the glass is turned into a speaker.

This is an interesting idea indeed, but we’re sure a lot of you are wondering, why? “The glass’ track has been designed to enhance the flavors of the [cocktail], bringing out the spicy and warm tones,” says brand director, Oscar Ocana. “As a result, the drinker is ultimately more connected to the drink, making for an exciting experience that combines flavor with sound.”

The novel vessel is intended to give a glimpse into the future of bar culture, but you’ll want to hurry if you want to get your hands on one; they’re only available for one short month!

What do you think—would you like to sip from this tech-savvy glass?