By now, you’ve met Wheaties Beer. It’s likely that sweet breakfast brew sparked a light inside of you that can never be extinguished. Thanks to our friends at 21st Amendment in San Francisco, it never has to be.

With a nod to the previous tenants of their new facility, the brewers crafted a Pop-Tart inspired India red ale. Kellogg’s can rest easy knowing that their walls are still home to sugary childhood dreams even though their name has been removed from the building.

The release date is set for August 29th which gives you just enough time to clean out your fridge and make room for the cases you’ll inevitably buy. Tasting has been limited to a select few, so we can’t speak to that yet. But if our imaginations are any indication: it’s going to rule the breakfast table.

Toaster Pastry will be sold in 19.2 oz cans, like all beer should. It rings in at 7.6% ABV with an IBU of 74, so this won’t be as sweet as 21st Amendment’s famous Hell or High Watermelon. It is an IPA after all. If sweet is what you’re looking for, kindly direct yourself to the pastry aisle and leave the pastry beer for the professionals.