We recently discovered a new upscale North Texas liquor store; it’s “bright and beautiful,” has more than 8,000 wines separated by county and variety, and a cigar humidor. Oh, and it’s 30,000 square feet.
For some people, the experience of drinking their liquor is as important as where they decide to buy it. For others, they just want to get in and out so they can get home and drink as quickly as possible. This got us wondering what kind of liquor stores our readers like to go to.

These are the types of liquor stores that we hit up – let us know what we’re missing and where you choose to spend your hard earned booze bucks.

The corner store. This is the kind of place that’s down the street from your house and they don’t have the best selection, but it’ll do. They also know your name and let you bring your dog inside.

The warehouse. These places are big. They tend to have an awesome selection of alcohol and prices are decent, but they’re hard to navigate sometimes. It’s also tough to only leave with what you came in for because when you see all of the other goodies they have, it’s impossible not to get lured into a different aisle.

The classy establishment. You don’t just go here to run in and out; classy establishments were made for browsing. They have expensive tastes, but if they don’t have something you’re looking for, they will be more than happy to order it for you. These are the type of stores that host wine tastings and celebrity book signings.

Convenience stores and gas stations count too, but since not every state is allowed to buy booze there we’ve decided not to include them. We feel deeply sorry for those of you who can’t run into a gas station at 2 am on your way home from the bar for more beer (and yes, this includes some of our team too.)