summer drinksWhile we can technically drink pretty much anything we want all year round, there are times when the seasons change that we start to crave some pretty specific beverages. As soon as the weather gets warm and we hear those lawn mowers going outside, we’re ready to change up our regular drink menu and go in to summer boozing mode.


Let’s pay tribute to a few of our favorite summer drinks that are finally ready to wake up after their long winter’s nap…


White Wine Sangria

Sangria in general is a pretty summery drink, but the white wine variety is extra crisp and refreshing. We also love how flexible it is – you can really throw almost any fruit into that pitcher and have a delicious concoction. Combine juices, brandy, and some fizzy seltzer or ginger ale with a Sauvignon Blanc and you’re good to go.


An Ice Cold Corona

Pretty much any cold light beer tastes refreshing on a hot summer day, but there’s something special about Corona. It’s the official beer of the beach for good reason. That slice of lime is screaming “summer” and we hear it loud and clear.



The only time we have a margarita outside of summer is on Cinco de Mayo, and it whets our whistle just enough to make us ridiculously excited for our soon-to-be-margarita-filled-summer. Margaritas are awesome because they are really, really hard to mess up. They come in so many delicious fruit flavors and (sometimes unfortunately) they go down a little too easy.


Frozen Daiquiris

You can’t mention summer drinks without having a frozen option, and daiquiris are definitely the king of frozen alcoholic drinks. Strawberry daiquiris are probably the most popular, but again, we encourage you to get creative. Normal fresh fruit works fine, but consider grabbing a few bags of frozen fruit to keep in the freezer – you’ll have the fixings to make frozen daiquiris on the fly and they will make your drink extra frosty.