Cities across the United States are all known for different things, like great beaches, tons of history and fabulous food. Those things are all super…but what about the important things? Like beer? The website Drinking Made Easy recently put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in to creating the ultimate list of the 25 best beer cities in the world. Because we are lazy and don’t really feel like traveling too far to get a nice beer, we chose to focus on only the US cities that got top honors on the list. USA! USA! USA! (Sorry, we still have some serious Olympics fever.)


Grand Rapids, Michigan – #22 of 25

Chicago, Illinois – #20

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – #17

Seattle, Washington – #14

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – #12

Boston, Massachusetts – #9

Denver, Colorado – #8

San Diego, California – #7

Asheville, North Carolina – #6

Portland, Oregon – #4
In case you’re wondering, the US had more cities on this list than any other country…but we obviously didn’t crack the top 3. Which 3 cities across the entire world do you think earned top accolades? Let us know your best guesses and then check out the full list on Drinking Made Easy.