If you are a true rum lover, you know that it is so much more than something good to mix with Coca Cola. Rum has been around for quite some time and its fans are passionate. However, you don’t always want to mix your drinks at home – sometimes you want to go out to a bar that just gets it. A bar that has a magical selection of rum to satisfy your distinctive taste.

Rum lovers, rejoice. Here are a few of the best bars for rum lovers in the U.S.
Roneria Caracas | At Caracas Arepa Bar, 291 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY

This is a specialized rum bar located inside another bar. They have more than 30 sipping rums from the Caribbean, Central, and South America. If you’re more of a cocktail person, they’ve got classic and unique creations to suit your taste.

Cana Rum Bar | 714 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
This rum bar is so cool, you have to be a member to drink here. Luckily, it’s only $20 a year and anyone can join. Every last Tuesday of each month, they have a world-class rum tasting and seminar (called Cana Rum Society) and that’s included in your membership. They do serve other spirits as well, but with over 140 small batch rums, this rum bar is no joke.
Smuggler’s Cove | 650 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA
Prepare to have your mind blown: Over 200 rums from around the world, including a selection of rare and vintage. They also have something called The Rumbustion Society – it’s free to join and you have to work your way through three levels to make it to “Master of the Cove.” You have to sample (lots of) rum, learn about them, and take quizzes, but along the way you get special prizes, merit badges, an initiation ceremony and more.