Offline Glass

If you keep staring at your phone you’ll never see that hottie eyeing you from across the bar.


These days it seems that everyone has a smart phone addiction (we’re all guilty of it), but have you ever noticed how annoying it is to try and hold a conversation with someone who is only interested in their phone? Well the Fischer & Friends agency has offered a solution: The Offline Glass.


Half of the base is carved out, so unless your phone is perfectly wedged in the gap, your beer won’t stand up straight. Not only does this glass force you to be social, but also prevents you from waking up the next morning in regret of that text you drunkenly sent.


Our main concern is that most phones aren’t waterproof. This may pose a problem with spilled beer and potential condensation. We didn’t pay $200 for our iPhone to act as a coaster. Still, the patrons of Salve Jorge Bar don’t seem to mind, who are reportedly stealing the glasses on a nightly basis. Currently, they are being tested in Brazil, but we’re hoping they make their way North soon.


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