Drinking is awesome. Random ass gadgets are awesome. Now, those two things have mated and created an amazing baby named “The Barman.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t really exist yet, but honestly, that just makes us want it more.


The Barman is currently being funded by a Kickstarter campaign that ends on May 25th. Luckily, the creator has already surpassed his $50,000 goal by over $20,000, so that means all systems are go.


Oh yeah, you probably want to know what The Barman actually is, huh? We thought you’d never ask.


The Barman is an easy-to-use drink mixing platform that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and your smartphone to mix up any drink in seconds. It is an idiot-proof way to make sure everything you drink tastes good. You put your cup with ice on the small platform and then choose a drink from The Barman app (you can also add your own recipe if you want). Once you choose the drink on your app, it tells the platform what’s up and you’re ready to mix your drink. It will tell you what you need to pour, and when. There’s a progress indicator that shows you how much of each ingredient you have left to pour. There’s also some fancy lighting involved; the cup is illuminated in a pale blue light, but when you’re at your pouring limit for a certain component, the light turns red to tell you to stop.


Other cool things about The Barman include:

  • Being able to mix any drink, any size (within reason)
  • Customizing drinks to your specifications
  • It tells you what drinks you can make based on the ingredients you already have
  • Gives you the capability to share or download drinks with your friends anywhere, anytime
  • Saves your favorite drink recipes
  • Mixes any type of liquid component
  • Allows you to mix in solids, like sugar or salt


If you want to donate to the Kickstarter campaign, nearly every donation level will get you your very own Barman as a gift once they are created. You should donate and then send us your Barman. It’s the right thing to do.