For all of you good Catholics out there, welcome to the beginning of Lent. This is a period of 40 days and nights that begins on Ash Wednesday (today) and lasts until Easter Sunday. Traditionally, people who observe Lent eat sparingly over this time and up their serving of self-denial. All of this is in an effort to practice repentance.

However, as with all things well and good, the meaning of Lent has drifted farther and farther away from the observance itself. Lent has lost most of its potency, thus resulting in people giving up things they love, just because. This includes alcohol. GASP.

Unless it’s a harmful or drastically unhealthy influence in your life, we can’t imagine why on earth anyone would give up booze. It’s delicious. It inspires social activity. And most of all, it’s fun! So, in honor of the misguided giver-uppers, we’ve collected our favorite tweets to narrate the journey of life with no alcohol.

We begin with those who entertained the thought, however briefly.

You’re right guys. Stay strong. Don’t do it. Be more like Lauren here.  

Good looking out Lauren. We don’t like to waste anything.

Andrew, you’re a real inspiration.  

TFW religion tries the pull a fast one on you.

Godspeed Gary. Literally.