2C094F7600000578-3224706-image-a-44_1441592575364Remember in Step Brothers when both Brennan and Dale had the chance to prove themselves at the Catalina Wine Mixer? The 2008 comedy’s memorable scene, complete with a mash-up of Por Ti Volare and approximately 80 leased helicopters, is coming to life—and pretty darn soon. This September 13th, the Santa Catalina Island Company is set to recreate the legendary Catalina Wine Mixer, sans the strictly “eighties Billy Joel” cover band.

The event will be held at the Descanso Beach Club in Avalon, California and will include all the necessities, from DJs, food, fine wine, and (you guessed it) a plethora of helicopters. There’s even word of a helicopter landing directly on the lawn, officially reinventing the movie’s finale. Tickets for general admission come with a complimentary wine glass and start at $35, with a $100 VIP option; cabanas (you heard right) are available for rent from $150 to $800. While there’s still no word whether or not Will and John will be in attendance to perform Boats ‘N Hoes, we think this will be one prestigious party that’ll be difficult to forget—after all, it’s the f***ing Catalina Wine Mixer.