Vodka Text messages

Many of us have sent texts we regret after consuming a little too much, but this new way of texting takes everything you know about alcohol, technology and life and flips it upside down.


Using chemicals for short range signaling has been done before, but Dr. Weisi Guo from the University of Warwick and his colleagues have taken it to the next level. Using just vodka and a desktop fan, the scientists created a molecular messaging system that imitates nature’s chemical signaling.


Still confused? Here’s the CliffsNotes version: Scientists used vodka and a desktop fan to send a text message.


Sprays of vodka were used to send a text in binary code – one spray meant bit 1, no spray meant bit 0. The fan sent the sprays of vodka more than 13 feet and then the fumes from the liquor went into a receiver. That receiver was able to measure the changing rate of concentration of vodka molecules that resulted.


And what did the scientists decide to transmit as their text? Sorry, they did not opt for “idk my bff jill.” Instead, they paid homage to Canada’s national anthem and sent the text “O Canada.”


There were more scientific reasons for conducting this experiment, though it’s fun to think that the study was funded just because someone thought it seemed cool. Dr. Guo feels this way of sending messages could work really well in situations where receiving electromagnetic signals just isn’t an option, like on oil rigs, in tunnels, or within sewage works (ew).


As wonderful as that is, we’d love to see it developed for more practical uses as well. Imagine if you could go to your local bar, order a vodka and a fan and then send text messages to random people? Great conversation starter and more entertaining than talking to that creepy local who keeps trying to buy you shots. Come on, scientists. Stop trying to save the world and let us text people with vodka.