When life hands you black-eyed peas, make vodka. Isn’t that the way the phrase goes? It does for a mother-son team in Fort Worth, TX who are distilling vodka from a very curious ingredient.


Trey Nickels and his mother, Deborah, have turned their Texas based black-eyed pea crop business into TreyMark Black-Eyed Vodka. Nickels realized that his business was suffering due to drought and dwindling water supplies and asked himself what he could do with an abundance of beans? The answer: make vodka. His mother joined him in their venture and the two opened their new distillery in Forth Worth.


They won’t reveal their secret recipe or how exactly these beans are being distilled but we’re eager to try the vodka. Nickels says it clean with a subtle nutty flavor that’s perfect for vodka cocktails. At around $35 a bottle, TreyMark Black-Eyed Vodka will be on shelves in April. We’re thinking this might be a Texas special for a while before distribution expands but we’re going to do everything we can to get our hands on a bottle. What about you?