Perro Loco cider

Tequila has had its share of lovers in the past. It started with the lime, expanded to beer and has a new friend in cider. This is the most unexpected of all of tequilas partners and not one but two brands are experimenting with the tequila + cider mashup.


First to debut last week was Manzana Loca, from Hi-Spirits in the U.K. Spanish for “crazy apple,” the cider is classic apple base infused with tequila and lime flavors. Sounds so natural doesn’t it? Not. The 5.5% beverage is supposedly best served chilled with a lime wedge, aka Corona style. Three days later (how convenient), Brothers Cider, also located in the U.K., announced that they were releasing a tequila flavored cider called Perro Loco. How loco. Or loca? Either way, talk about a coincidence. Perro Loco is cider mixed with lemon and tequila flavors (huh?) and an added hint of agave nectar. Just like Manzana Loca, Perro Loco has zero tequila in it, just the flavor of the booze. So if we’re not getting any tequila out of it, why bother?


Though these tequila-less tequila ciders may sound delicious to you, we won’t be able to get our hands on a bottle in the U.S. just yet. For now, the ciders will remain in their U.K. homeland but we figured we can make our own boozy versions at home that actually involve the real deal. Try a Cider House Rules cocktail that combines both of these flavors for true tequila flavor.


Would you drink these “tequila flavored” ciders or are they just a cop out to adding real flavor to the bottle? Tell us what you think below.