The visual language of the 80’s has found it’s way into our art collection, which also just happens to be the shelves of our liquor cabinet. For all our tequila lovers our there, you too can be an art collector! For the past 7 years 1800 Tequila has released a collection of inspired bottles, each year paying homage to a different famed artist. The annual tradition is known as the The Essential Artists series and is meant to celebrate a dynamic range of original artwork, giving artists the opportunity to portray their designs and techniques using an unconventional and unique medium. In the past artists Jean Michel Basquiat, Gary Baseman, Studio One, and Shepard Fairey have all taken part in this innovative tradition.

The 2015 edition was recently released, including 6 new tequila bottles displaying the works of famous artist, Keith Haring. Although these bottles have a pretty (funky) face, Haring’s art is infused with the many political and philosophical themes protested and digested during the 1980’s. And what better conversation starter than the 80’s? Haring’s work is sure to spark a conversation that goes above and beyond the typical small talk, so let one of these bottles of 1800 Tequila get the ball rolling, and we can catch up later!