While it is said that this is the happiest season of all, we can all agree that it can definitely be the most stressful. And for your child’s teacher, you can bet he or she is even more swamped after dealing with little Danny after he’s eaten all five candy canes you shoved in his lunch box this morning. So when going out to buy your kid’s teacher a holiday gift this year, buy something that will take the edge off. Better yet, show off your humorous side and buy a bottle of The Reason You Drink.

Stacy Dutton, a mother of toddlers and an art director at Evermine, a personalized paper and stationary company, was looking to change it up from coffee shop gift cards and boring mugs for Spring 2015 Teacher Appreciation Day. Having a creative mind and the tools necessary, Dutton wrote the line, “Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us,” across a wine bottle with a picture of her son. While unintentionally sparking a bit of controversy, a picture of the light-hearted gift went viral and a business was born.

So if you’ve got a joking relationship with your kid’s teacher and your kid can be a little bit of a nut– that’s another gift you can check off your master list. May want to give it to them off school property…