Sure it’s freezing there most of the time, but Minnesota is now home to a Target liquor store sooooo maybe it’s worth the trip? While most of the Target locations already sell an unhealthy amount of alcohol, this is the first Minnesota store to offer you the comforts of Jack, Jim, Jameson, Johnnie, and friends in the same store that sells your sneakers.

10% off when you buy 6 bottles of wine and Red Card Rewards for your drinking problem are just a few of the perks this new venue offers, so you won’t hear us complaining. They’re also using it as a way to showcase their Cube boxed wine that has been out for a few years. If you’re gonna drink boxed wine, might as well be Target brand, right?

As home to the corporation, it’s about time that Target started making themselves comfortable in Minnesota. But some local small business owners aren’t thrilled with the news. While the convenience is great for customers, it creates more competition in the town of Otsego, MN. Our solution? Just buy more alcohol and keep them all in business.