giphy-2When you thought Cinco de Mayo was the only day to have an excuse to drink tequila… today is National Tequila day! Time to celebrate your loyalty to your favorite liquor. Tequila has always been candid and consistent in its taste, strength, and especially in the lovely way it leaves us with a tremendous hangover that seems to last for days. Sure you may only think to drink tequila in a margarita, but that is definitely not the only, or best, way. Experiment with the these different ways to shoot back tequila in honor of National Tequila Day…

Types of Tequila Shots

Con sangrita:
A shot of tequila sipped with a shot of sangrita, a chile-hot, tomato-citrus juice.

Choose a good tequila-maybe an aged (anejo) one-and sip post-dinner as you might a nice brandy.

This version lines up three shot glasses-one with tequila (white), one with the reddish sangrita (red) and a third with the greenish juice of the key lime (green)-which are the colors of the Mexican flag (or bandera).

Basically, a shot of tequila with a beer chaser. (Sometimes a shot of tequila is inverted inside the beer mug so when you drink the beer the shot glass tips a little letting tequila escape into the beer.)

This translates as a “knock on the head.” Here’s why: Add a bit of lemon-lime soda and a few drops of key lime (limon) to a shot of tequila. Then, with your hand covering the top of the shot glass, tap (gently, please) the glass on the table and drink it down.

Shot recipes from chicagotribune & gif