If there is one thing the drink industry is not, it’s boring. And if we’re lucky, at some point during the year the industry introduces a one of a kind concoction to their cocktail menu. They don’t always seem palatable, but what they certainly do is generate buzz. (Think back to your Facebook newsfeed featuring everything from frosé, to unicorn cocktails to alcohol infused gummies).

So what has the industry brought us this month? Avocado cocktails.

That’s right, avococktails are legitimately a thing and there is no stopping this egg-shaped chameleon. London’s The Harcourt, introduces the “Abacatchy.” This cocktail is a mix of avocado, orange, honey, grape syrup, vanilla, lime and Cachaça. It comes in a beautiful glass topped with a flower and a frozen avo popsicle.

IMG_2378-e1496833273815And the avococktails don’t stop there. Portland bar, Mint 8/20, puts an avocado spin on the banana daiquiri. Javelina in NYC makes a frozen avocado and cilantro margarita. And Tako in Pittsburgh takes the classic Gin Fizz and makes it green with its “secret ingredient,” (hint: it’s avocado).

Whether you’re looking for a drink that indulgent, sweet, savory, or healthy, the unique versatility of the avocado leaves you with unlimited options.

So if you’re an avocado enthusiast, take a nice summer day to lay out, put on your fav avocado face mask, have some avocado toast, and sip on that avococktail. Or if getting buzzed off avocado seems a little far fetched for your liking, you can’t go wrong with making some homemade guacamole.