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Narragansett’s Ultimate Summer Guide

Beer / June 1, 2017 / 2 Comments.

The temps are rising and the days are getting longer. Time to start planning your first summer beach day. Narragansett’s Ultimate Summer Guide makes it easy. It covers everything from packing the perfect cooler to scoping the best spot on the beach to shucking oysters like a pro. These tips are the key to having a true Rhody summer.

The most important part of any beach day? A stocked cooler. We recommend including the following:

image002Del’s Shandy (4.7% ABV)
Combining two Rhode Island favorites, Del’s Shandy is the ultimate summertime refresher. Del’s provides an effervescent, citrus blast from the tart all natural lemon juice concentrate of the iconic Del’s Lemonade backed by just enough sweet malt to keep it from becoming too sour. Just the drink you’re looking to sip on for those hot days when you call in “sick” to the office.

image004Town Beach IPA (4.7% ABV)
This brew is a supremely drinkable IPA that packs a light citrus kick, so you can throw a few back throughout the day. Blended with Two-Row, Carapils, Caramel 20 and White Wheat malts, and Citra hops, they give it a slight fruitiness before it’s dry-hopped again with Citra hops at the finish to deliver the aromas of passion fruit and grapefruit.

image006Summertime Citra Ale (4.2% ABV)
Brewed in Rhode Island for the first time ever at Narragansett Brewery at The Guild, Summertime Citra Ale has a smooth Pale malt flavor balanced out perfectly by the crisp Citra hop bitterness. This light, thirst-quenching Blonde Ale is great for the beach, boat, backyard patio or baseball game. (Limited availability in SE New England).

625_GANS_3Dcraig_R1Narragansett Lager “Clam Can” (5% ABV)
Since 1890, ‘Gansett’s Lager has been a year-around staple, but every summer it receives a makeover when the annual “clam cans” hit shelves. As the self-proclaimed Official Beer of the Clam, this can showcases our signature recipe for a traditional New England clam bake, so the perfect summer meal is just a lager away.

image010America’s Cup Bermuda Style Pilsner (5% ABV)
Each year, the world’s best sailors race for the oldest trophy in International Sports — America’s Cup. This easy-drinking Pilsner honors the historic sailing tradition and Rhode Island’s longstanding ties with the iconic race. It’s a craft Pilsner brewed with Two Row and Carapils malts and German Hallertau hops for refreshment like you’d get on a Caribbean beach from a green bottle beer. This is the perfect brew for a relaxing day on the water.

image012Clam Shack Summer Variety Pack
Can’t decide which beer you like best? ‘Gansett has four summer beers (Del’s Shandy, Summertime Citra Ale, Lager, Town Beach IPA) packaged up into one variety pack, making it as easy as ever to crack open a Rhody summer.

Now that you know what a perfect cooler of beer looks like, check out The ‘Gansett Guide to Summer at for more on how to summer like a true Rhode Islander. And, for the sand-averse land lubbers looking to crack open a ‘Gansett while bellying up to the bar, Narragansett put together a whole summers’ worth of events around the country. Head on over to the new “Neighborhood Watch” page to see the events happening in your ‘hood.

Thirsty for more? Visit: www.narragansettbeer.com or follow Narragansett on Facebook (@NarragansettBeer), Twitter (@GansettBeer) and Instagram (@GansettBeer).

These 5 Weird Alcohol Laws Will Get You Arrested

Featured Story / November 29, 2016 / No Comments.

ff9974c3635ae480f6d5142d64838b18The 21st Amendment was ratified on December 5, 1933, ending Prohibition. (That makes Monday its birthday. Still time to get it something nice!) But while alcohol has been legal in the U.S. for the last 83 years, there are a lot of laws about how and when and where it can be sold and consumed.

We want to make sure you, our dear readers, stay on the right side of Johnny Law. So please be aware of these alcohol laws:

  • In Colorado, riding a horse while under the influence of alcohol is considered a traffic infraction. Call Uber-Horse instead. Is that a thing? It should be.
  • In one town in Texas, it’s illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing. You wanted to sit anyways.
  • Alabama doesn’t allow the sale of any booze with a label that shows any person(s) posed in an immodest or sensuous manner. Hold on a sec, I gotta go image-search “labels banned in Alabama.”
  • Alaska, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont all have laws restricting happy hour and other drink specials. Good news: There are 42 other states.
  • In Fairbanks, Alaska, it’s a crime to give alcohol to a moose. Hey, more beer for us.
  • In 50 states, it’s perfectly legal to drink publicly as long as you deftly conceal it with a Solo cup.*

*This one is not true. We can dream, right? Don’t blame Drinking in America when you get busted.


Scary Good Beer

Beer / January 27, 2015 / No Comments.


HP Lovecraft. You may know him as the author of some of the scariest pieces of fiction out there, or you may not even know him. But Narragansett has chosen him as the inspiration for their new line of beer.

According to their website, they’ve got a lot of baggage from their time off the market. Now that they’ve been back for a while – they’re ready show their dark side. With a local artist designing the cans’ artwork, they’ve got a new, edgy look that we can’t wait to try.

Lovecraft’s Honey Ale is available for purchase as of last week, but you can expect 3 more with a similar theme coming out this year. By collaborating with Revival Brewing, which is another RI-based brand, Gansett has the Ocean State buzzing and buzzed.

Coffee Milk Stout: The New Official Drink of Rhode Island

Beer / December 12, 2013 / 2 Comments.


Unless you hail from the small New England state, you have absolutely no idea what coffee milk is. The official drink of Rhode Island is a mix of milk and coffee syrup (another Rhode Island staple) and has been since the late 1800s. Two native brands are taking the state’s signature beverage and boozing it up.


Autocrat has ruled the RI coffee scene since 1890 and now they’re teaming up with New England favorite, Narragansett, to release the limited edition Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout. In true coffee stout manner, the beer is a blend of Narragansett’s milk stout with dark roast Autocrat coffee. We hear it’s a combo of malty milk goodness and chocolately coffee flavor. The 5.3% stout will hits stores tomorrow in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Pick yourself up a six-pack of tallboys for $8.99.


If you’re not a native New Englander, don’t worry there are plenty of coffee stouts out there for the rest of you to drink this winter. We love a good java inspired brew, here are some of our favorites:


  • Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout: This beer is brewed with a different Intelligentsia Coffee every year and then aged in bourbon barrels. Get your hands on this limited release beer – it did get a score of 100 on BeerAdvocate after all.
  • New Glarus Coffee Stout: The deep coffee flavors in this stout come from organic coffee found at a local Wisconsin co-op. It’s seriously rich, delicious and coffee infused.
  • Founders KBS: This stout is brewed with coffee and chocolate and then cave-aged in bourbon barrels for an entire year. Our mission this winter: get our hands on a bottle.
  • New Belgium Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout: Locally roasted coffee and a lot of chocolate gives this stout a smooth and rich flavor. It’s part of their Lips of Faith series and we’re hoping it becomes a regular in the New Belgium lineup.
  • Flying Dog Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout: This limited release from Flying Dog has the perfect chocolate flavor with a coffee bite. When it’s in season, it goes fast, so make sure you get your hands on some ASAP.


What’s your favorite coffee stout? Send us your recommendations and we’ll add them to our list.