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Spring Break Forever

Cocktails / March 23, 2017 / No Comments.

giphyRemember the iconic scene of 2013’s Spring Breakers when James Franco’s character Alien, (possibly his most transformative role yet) stood on the beach and whispered  “Spring break, forever” as the warm Miami breeze went through his beaded cornrows? Whether those braids were real or fake we may never know, but there’s a bigger issue we’d like to address. Alien certainly was not on spring break, and sadly, neither are we. But hey, we get it, just because you aren’t on the warm sand beaches of Cancun doesn’t mean you can’t pretend you are, or at the very least drink like you are. Here are some Spring Break cocktails to drink when you aren’t on Spring Break but everyone else is.

TEQUILA SUNRISEThis is the cocktail to drink when you pretend it’s your first full day at the resort and all you have planned is laying on the beach from dawn to dusk.

1)  1 1/2 oz. tequila
2)   3 oz. orange juice
3)  1 tsp. grenadine
4)  Ice

In a highball glass with ice, combine tequila and orange juice. Gently pour the grenadine down the side of the glass – about 1 tsp. or enough to get the desired sunrise effect.

MIND ERASERThis is what you drink when you know you just bombed that midterm or very important company presentation. Shh, don’t think about it, it never happened. It’s “Spring Break.”

1)  1 oz. vodka
2)  1 oz. coffee liqueur
3)  1 oz. soda water
4)  Lime wedge for garnish

Pour the vodka and coffee liqueur over the ice in a glass, fill with the soda water, garnish with a lime, and insert a straw. Suck the drink out of the straw in one shot.

BLUE KAMIKAZEThe name of this cocktail just sounds like a sea monster that lurks in an abandoned lake with signs that read, “No Trespassing” but it’s “Spring Break” so you’re feeling adventurous and decide to go in. Be careful out there guys.

1)  1 oz. vodka
2)  1 oz. Blue Curacao Liqueur
3)  1 oz. lime juice

Fill a glass with ice  and pour all the ingredients over the cubes.

PURPLE PECKER WRECKERThis is a LOT of alcohol. Add some coconut and lime juice and it sounds like spring break to us.

1)  1 oz. vodka
2)  2 splashes lime juice
3)  1 oz. Triple Sec
4)  2 oz. Blue Curacao
5)  3 oz. Blueberry Schnapps
6)  3 oz. Malibu Coconut Rum
7)  4 oz. Cranberry juice

Mix in a pitcher with plenty of ice. Enjoy!