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Stay Cool with Cocktail Ice Cubes

Cocktails / July 13, 2014 / No Comments.


When you’re following a cocktail recipe and you get to the part that demands, “a few ice cubes,” pause for a moment. Yes, those frozen blocks will cool any liquid, but they’ll also water it down and ruin the flavor. So what’s the solution? We’ve been experimenting with enhanced cocktail ice cubes, a deliciously simple way to give virtually any booze a boost. Time to squeeze that citrus and freeze that fruit juice because your drinks are about to get a double take.

Each recipe correlates with a classic cocktail served on the rocks—let’s get crackin’.

Piña Colada: Start by filling an ice cube tray about ¼ of the way with pineapple juice. Freeze. Once the juice is somewhat solid, layer with coconut milk. Freeze again. You’ll want to keep alternating layers until there’s a complete set of beautifully striped cubes.

Mojito: Muddle lime juice and mint leaves. Freeze.

Hurricane: Mix lime juice and simple syrup. Place orange zest on top before putting tray in the freezer.

Bloody Mary: In a blender, pulse together tomato and celery until smooth. If you like some spice, add hot sauce. Freeze.

Cosmopolitan: Fill the tray with orange juice and pomegranate seeds. Freeze.

Long Island Iced Tea: Mix together lemon juice and a cola of your choice. Freeze.

Gin & Tonic: Squeeze some lime juice and mix with seltzer or tonic water. Freeze.

Margarita: Combine lime juice and lemon juice. Sprinkle in some sugar or add a sugar cube to each section. Freeze.

Martini: Fill the tray with olive juice. Put an olive in each section. Freeze.

Daiquiri: Depending on what flavor you prefer, squeeze or puree your favorite fruit (i.e. strawberry or mango) and freeze.

Fuzzy Navel: Puree a peach and blend with orange juice. Freeze.

Mai Tai: Fill a tray with orange juice and place a maraschino cherry in each section. Freeze.

White Russian: Follow the Piña Colada layering technique. Alternate between levels of coffee and milk. Sprinkle in some sugar if you wish before freezing.

Planter’s Punch: Combine lime juice and grapefruit juice. Freeze.

Salty Dog: Fill the tray with grapefruit juice. Place some lemon zest on top before freezing.

Know of another ice infusion? Share it with us!


Cocktail Corner: Planter’s Punch

Cocktail Corner / May 29, 2014 / No Comments.


Along with summer comes the innate, instinctual craving for pitcher drinks. Although we tend to first reach for fruity sangria or a pitcher of beer, this week we’re itching for citrus. Planter’s Punch is a classic but highly variable* refresher that’ll have your mouth watering in seconds.

For any avid cocktail consumer, recipes are crucial. Two parts this and one part that can really shape our drinking experience. But, have you ever made a drink by following the steps of a poem? Yea, we thought not. This week’s cocktail recipe first appeared in print as a poem in the NY Times circa 1908. Take that for culture.

For purposes of simplicity, we’ll spare you the rhymes and just get down to business. For this punch, you’ll need:

1 cup dark rum
6 limes, juiced
4 lemons, juiced
1 cup orange juice
1 cup pineapple juice (or substitute grapefruit juice)
1 oz. grenadine
Angostura bitters
Lime wedges

Combine rum, lime juice, lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and grenadine into a large pitcher filled with ice. Add a dash of angostura bitters. Serve with lime wedges.

*Feel free to play around with the fruit juices. As long as the alcohol and citrus are involved, we’re game for anything.