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No Bollocks, Just Beer

Beer / January 15, 2015 / No Comments.

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Everyone is gearing up for the Super Bowl—finding recipes, stocking up on booze, and making bets. Newcastle Brown Ale is no different. The Heineken USA-owned company released the first of its ads this week. Rather than competing with the glossy, multimillion dollar ads we normally see, Newcastle continues their streak of spoofs. Last year’s spot featuring Anna Kendrick discussed what Newcastle would have done if they had been able to make a commercial for the “Big Game.” This year, they’ve returned with two more offerings.

One masquerades as a chip commercial—with heavy hints that the chip company in question is Doritos—but Newcastle logos and product are seen in every shot instead of chips. The second ad spoofs the typical, sentimental advertising of the hard-working American before Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation appears and calls on all of the small brands that can’t break into the big money bracket of Super Bowl ads to band together.

Anheuser-Busch holds exclusive beer advertising rights for advertising nationally during the game, so smaller beer companies like Newcastle are finding different ways to showcase their products. The ads and attitude reflect the beer’s motto of “No Bollocks.” If you’re looking for a beer that’s not afraid of a little fun, Newcastle Brown Ale is the perfect match for your Super Bowl shenanigans.