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Narragansett’s Next Lovecraft Beer

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Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.32.58 AM

It’s time to introduce the next chapter in Narragansett’s Lovecraft series. For those of you who don’t know who H.P. Lovecraft is, he is universally acclaimed as the “Father of Modern Horror.” On January 19th, ‘Gansett rolled out The Unnamable Black Lager, a roasty brew completed with city hops for a fruity finish. It’s 7.5% ABV, 76 IBUs and $11.99-$12.99 per six pack. The release below takes on a slightly different form than ‘Gansett’s preview announcements. Enjoy this Lovecraft-inspired tale about beer…

Locked inside of a deserted mausoleum, Randolph Carter and Rhode Island artist Jarrett McPhee stood under candlelight with two cans of The Unnamable Black Lager in their hands. There, immersed in darkness at the request of Narragansett Beer, the pair wondered why they had agreed to go to such great lengths in order to illustrate the label for Narragansett’s fifth chapter and sixth release in its Lovecraft Series.

For previous beer commissions, Jarrett simply had to draw and submit a few designs to the ‘Gansett team, but Mark Hellendrung, President of Narragansett Beer, impressed upon him that this particular brew was darkly different and could only truly be illustrated once experienced. After all, Narragansett even partnered with Providence, Rhode Island’s historic Swan Point Cemetery – burial site of H.P. Lovecraft – to grow The Unnamable’s hops over the author’s grave.

“Those orthodox, sun-dwelling New Englanders remain deaf to my pleas,” said Carter. “For months I have argued the ramifications of growing elements for this potation in such a place as Swan Point Cemetery – with ingredients nourishing themselves from such unmentionable and noxious earth. O, though I may have been mocked or called mad, those who are not blind to history’s warnings will understand these words to be what they truly are: the implicit truth! Save yourself, Jarrett, don’t open that can!”

Knowing that he would see no remittance for his designs until he faced The Unnamable, Jarrett dismissed Carter’s childish warning and cracked open a can. Immediately, the crypt filled with an earthy, dank stench that made him lurch. Struggling to see through a fog of sticky green smoke, Jarrett took a sip of the beer and saw the outline of something down the hall. Calling out for Carter, it wasn’t until he was nearly face to face with the ultimate abomination that he realized it wasn’t Carter he saw at all.

A split second later, Jarrett lost consciousness and woke up a week later in Rhode Island Hospital.

“I’m not sure what I saw back there in that mausoleum; for one second I was looking for Carter and the next I’m here, shackled to this hospital bed,” he proclaimed. “Whatever came out when I opened that can of beer was the most terrifying and indescribable thing I have ever seen – but it tasted damn good.”

With a horror drenched backbone of Chocolate Rye, Cara Red, Carafa Special 1 and Pilsner malts, The Unnamable Black Lager is a roasty quaff with flashes of toffee, caramel, coffee and dark chocolate. Stand watch or those hops will grab you by your throat when you’re not looking.

Source: Narragansett Beer

Booze News Weekly

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Do you ever find yourself getting bored with your go-to booze? When you’ve grown tired of that mundane drink order, we’ll be here to walk you through what’s new and noteworthy this week:

Angry Orchard
Known as the cider with more sugar than a 10-year-old’s birthday party, Angry Orchard is coming out with two new flavors: Knotty Pear and The Old Fashioned. These additions will mark the start of Orchard’s Edge, the brand’s latest series. Word on the street is that, due to the maturing palettes of American cider drinkers, craft cider houses have been adding more complex flavors to their new releases, and it looks like Angry Orchard will be no different. Well, you can be the judge. Get your hands on a six-pack or two and let us know what you think.

Because anyone who’s anyone is hopping on the flavored vodka train, SKYY just announced two additions to its Infusions line: Honeycrisp Apple and Tropical Mango. Frankly, they sound delicious, but that’s no coincidence. These new infusions weren’t just randomly chosen. Due to apple’s enourmous popularity in the flavor category, SKYY took the next step by infusing their spirit with honeycrisp apples, resulting in a crisp and balances sweet-tart flavor. And it’s a similar story with Mango. These natural flavors are sure to be a hit with consumers.

What’s the one thing holding whiskey back? Well, Stillhouse Spirits Co. thinks it’s the glass bottle. So, they set about fiing that problem by releasing the first ever canned whiskey. But, don’t think you’ll have to now buy your whiskey in 12 oz cans – it comes in the popular 750ml size! And, as if this could get much better, the whiskey comes in five flavors that we’ve heard are incredible: Apple Crisp, Peach Tea, Coconut, Mint Chip, and Red Hot.

Twisted Tea
The beach drink of biddies everywhere will bow be available in a new flavor: Bourbon Barrel. Coming just in time fore this summer, expect to see these on shelves in 6 packs or as a part of Twisted Tea’s Party Pack, alongside the Original, Half & Half, and Raspberry flavor varieties.


Dreams Do Come True: Ben & Jerry’s Beer

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We’ve seen beer and wine flavored ice cream but now Ben & Jerry’s and New Belgium Brewing Co. are making our dreams come true with ice cream flavored beer. The duo plans to release their Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale in the fall. While it may sound extreme, the brewing industry is no stranger to adding chocolate flavors to beer. Dogfish Head Theobroma and Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock are two examples of beers that weren’t afraid to sweeten the mix.

Both New Belgium and Ben & Jerry’s have a history of social activism and are passionate about quality, so we know this beer will combine the best of both worlds. No more having to choose between beer and ice cream (not that we ever really do)! We plan to be the first in line when Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale hits the shelves this fall. We can all scream (or cheer) for this ice cream beer. Just don’t forget that it’s located in the liquor aisle—not the frozen dessert section!


Low Sugar Grapes Mean Low Cal Wine

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Low calorie wines. Sure you’re getting a skinnier glass of vino but at what price? We’ve been hesitant due to the fact that most low calorie wine sacrifices the flavor and complexity we love, leaving us drinking sour grape juice. However, with a new recipe, we may have found a low calorie wine that deserves a sip.


Brancott Estate is releasing Flight Song, a new range of low-calorie wines from New Zealand. What makes Flight Song different from the Skinnygirl wines of the world, is that the wine is harvested from grapes earlier in the season when their sugar levels are naturally lower. Rather than cutting corners, Brancott has found a natural solution to cut out 20% of the calories in their wines without leaving a painful taste in our mouths.


So far the reviews of Flight Song have us thinking they’ve created a prime product for the healthy wine-o’s of the world. Their Sauvignon Blanc recently won gold at the New Zealand International Wine Show. Matt Foley of Brancott Estate says that people use a, “number of ways to reduce the calories in wine but not all of these processes are natural and many of them affect the flavor of the wine. We retain all of the distinctive flavors that people expect from Brancott Estate.”


Brancott Estate will be releasing two wines for their Flight Song series, Pinot Grigio and the Sauvignon Blanc. They will each be available in the U.S. starting in March, and will retail at only $14.99 a bottle. Cheap price to cut calories.



The U.S. Joins The Elite Trappist Brewery World

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The relationship between monks and beer dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. That’s when Trappist monks started brewing their own beer to be self-sufficient and the rest is history. Today there are nine Trappist monk breweries in Europe. One of them, Westvleteren Brewery, even held the top spot on BeerAdvocate.com for a while. Why do Europeans get to have all the monk beer to themselves? It’s the U.S.’s turn to get a taste of this divinely inspired beer.


At St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA, the Trappist monks’ days consist of prayer, gardening, pottery and now beer. For the past sixty years they’ve supported themselves by making homemade jams and jellies but have decided to hop up the abbey by constructing a 36,000 square foot eco-friendly stainless-steel brewery.


To prepare, St. Joseph’s sent a handful of monks over to Belgium to learn the tricks of the trade from other monastic brewers. They came back with advice, recipes and a way to grow barley in their ten-acre field that would support the brewery.


St. Joseph’s will make America only the fourth country in the world to be home of authentic Trappist beer. Their first release, Spencer Trappist Ale, will be available throughout Massachusetts in 11.2 oz. bottles before making any moves out of state. You better bet we’ll be making a trip to MA sometime soon.



The Glenlivet Chosen By Yours Truly

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The latest release from The Glenlivet wasn’t chosen by the head distiller but by all of you out there. Well, all of you that are hardcore fans of The Glenlivet.


The Guardians’ Chapter is the latest limited edition release from The Glenlivet but it’s not just any bottle – it was chosen by people like you. Lucky fans that attended various tasting events throughout the world chose the final batch. The Glenlivet fans tried three different whisky blends and then had to choose their favorite of them. The winner is a whisky blended from a mix of casks including American oak and Spanish sherry bottles. It’s non-chill filtered and clocks in at 48.7% ABV.


The Guardians’ Chapter will be bottled in limited quantities and start appearing on shelves in March at $85 a bottle. We commend The Glenlivet for bringing their fans into the distilling and bottling experience. Hint to all other brands: start doing this. Cheers to them, we’ll be looking for a bottle of The Guardians’ Chapter.



Diddy Expands His Booze Empire

Our Stories / January 3, 2014 / 1 Comment.


Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has it all – a music career, a clothing line, two restaurants, a vodka brand. And now the hip-hop mogul is putting his name on bottles of DeLeon Tequila.


Though both the brand and Diddy have been hush hush about the deal, the rumors are that he has teamed up with DeLeon to develop his own line of tequila. DeLeon Tequila was founded in 2008 and hit the U.S. on Cinco de Mayo 2009. Since it’s debut, the ultra premium tequila has been winning awards and gaining quite the reputation.


Diddy celebrated the new partnership with a few hundred of his closest friends who sipped DeLeon Tequila all night long. A bottle can cost anywhere from $140 to $825, aka we can’t afford it.


No word on when the Diddy/DeLeon tequila will launch but we’ll keep our eyes open. We’re sure the price tag will be high but if we know Diddy, the tequila will be damn good.



Divine Inspiration: Beer Made By Trappist Monks

Beer / December 10, 2013 / 1 Comment.

trappist monk beer

Religion isn’t really the first thing to pop in most people’s heads when they think of beer. However, after learning about Trappist monks and their affinity for a good brew, we’ve begun looking at things a little differently.


Never heard of Trappist monks before? Good, we hadn’t either. Trappists are part of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church. Most people think of them as taking a vow of silence, but that isn’t true. Yes, monasteries are very quiet places, but the monks will talk generally to get a particular work project carried out, to engage in community discussion, or to discuss one’s spiritual progress with a director or confessor. One of those work projects is something outsiders would never think about: brewing beer.


Trappist monks have been brewing beer since the Middle Ages, mainly because the Cistercian Order requires monasteries to be self sufficient. They sell the beer and the money goes back into the monastery to pay for living expenses and to maintain the building. If there’s any money left over, it has to go to charity – making Trappist beers a completely nonprofit venture.


We’ve found varying numbers, but there are anywhere from 6-8 monasteries in the world that brew beer that is able to bear the official “Authentic Trappist Product” logo. You will find other “abbey” beers out there that may try to make themselves look like a Trappist product, so be sure to look for the official logo. Why do they try to do that? Because Trappist beers are pretty rare and highly sought after by beer aficionados.


Belgium is the most popular country for Trappist beers, so if you want to get really authentic, plan a little trip and try to get your hands on one of these great brews:


Westvleteren XII from St. Sixtus Abbey in Vleteren, Belgium – This is widely considered to be the hardest beer to get, which obviously sparks a little competition for intense beer lovers. It’s only available at St. Sixtus Abbey and you have to make a reservation by phone to go pick a pack up. Unfortunately, easier said than done: the phone line is usually busy and it could take you months to get through.


Orval from Orval Abbey in Villers-devant-Orval, Belgium – Don’t have the time or money to take a trip to Belgium? Orval is in stores across the U.S., so you have a much better chance at getting your hands on it.


Chimay Blue from Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey in Chimay, Belgium – Chimay is the largest Trappist brewer, which means you are also able to find it in U.S. liquor stores. Chimay comes in three different varieties, but Chimay Blue is the most popular all around.


Have you ever sipped on a Trappist brew? Let us know how they match up to your favorite craft brews.



Three Weirdest Holiday Drinking Innovations

Our Stories / December 3, 2013 / 1 Comment.

sriracha vodka

 This holiday season our drinks are getting weird. Looks like we’ll be drinking Sriracha straight from the bottle, a liquid Cinnabon and pouring hot water over our jello shots. Here’s to embracing the odd this month.


UV Vodka is making a bold play with their new spicy release: Sriracha. The chili pepper flavored vodka is sure to add a kick to any holiday cocktail and is the first sriracha-flavored vodka to hit the market. UV Sriracha has been infused with garlic and vinegar as well to create a balance of spice, tang, and sweetness. It hit stores this week and fills our Bloody Mary’s next brunch.


Pinnacle Vodka is one brand that is never afraid to push the flavor boundaries. They’ve partnered with everyone’s favorite gooey fat-filled morning treat, Cinnabon. The new Pinnacle Cinnamon Roll is flavored with cinnamon, brown sugar and cream cheese frosting. Sounds a bit sticky. The new release will be available nationwide in 2014 but will be available in select cities this month. Cinnabon joins their other desert flavors of Pumpkin Pie, Cake, and Peachberry Cobbler. For those of you with a serious sweet tooth, mix up a Late Night Sip cocktail.


During the winter months there’s nothing we love more than a warm cocktail. But don’t you hate it when they get cold? Even worse, when you can barely taste the alcohol? Tristan Stephenson’s new book, The Curious Bartender, is giving us a solution to our hot cocktail woes with his newest trick. He makes gourmet “jello shots” out of cocktail ingredients and then pours hot water over them to melt the gelatin and create the perfect drink. This keeps your cocktail hot and ensures that the alcohol doesn’t burn off. Classy and jell-o aren’t always in the same breath for us but we’ll try anything once. Pick up his book as a holiday gift for the boozy in your life.


Sounds like we’re in for an interesting holiday drink season. What’s the weirdest winter cocktail you’ve ever tried?

Rail Dog Brings Maple Syrup From Forest To Flask

Our Stories / November 26, 2013 / 1 Comment.

Rail Dog

We’re all about the farm to table craze when it comes to our booze. We love the idea of fresh, unique ingredients making their way into our beer, spirits and cocktails. Elm Brook Farm in Vermont is the latest to catch our eye with their new distilled creation: Rail Dog.


Rail Dog is a spirit unlike any other. No we’re not just saying that, there’s really nothing else like it out there. It’s the first ever barrel-aged spirit that’s distilled exclusively from maple sap straight from the Elm Brook trees. David Howe, owner of the farm, is keeping hush hush about the distilling process of Rail Dog but we do know that the maple concoction is aged in American Oak barrels from Minnesota that are specially designed to keep the spirit from getting too much moisture. According to our sources, the result is a smooth, complex spirit somewhere between cognac and whiskey as far as sweetness goes with flavors of maple syrup and vanilla.


Dubbed by the state of Vermont as a “barrel-aged maple spirit,” Rail Dog will be available only at the Elm Brook Farm this month before its official unveiling during the 2014 maple season. As the first of its kind, Rail Dog has a steep price tag of $93 but we’d drop the cash to try this unique drink.