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Man Cave: Movember

Beer / November 3, 2016 / No Comments.

giphyFor those of you who actually have the ability to grow a mustache, November is for you. In 2003, two Australian buddies, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, decided to was high time for the mustache to make a comeback. Inspired by a mutual friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer at the time, the duo decided to use their love of mustaches for a good cause. And thus the first Movember was born. They ruled that every participant would pay $10 and all the proceeds went to prostate cancer research. That first year, Garone and Slattery were only able to wrangle up 30 fellas to participate, but the cause has taken off since.

Today there are Movember campaigns in 21 different countries and the cause as raised over $730 million for men’s health partnerships.

There is no doubt that Movember is an effective and unique way to promote support for men’s health issues. But what about those of us who want to help but still can’t seem to break out of our high school “dirt-stache” phase? We’ve found the solution:

We call it the “stout ‘stache.” Just get a nice frothy pint of your favorite stout, take a sip and let the foam-stache rage. It may not be permanent, but if it gets you involved with a great cause, then there’s no need to talk about technicalities.

Do your part to help “change the face of men’s health,” with real or beer ‘stache.


5 Reasons to Drink This Weekend

5 Reasons To Drink This Weekend / November 1, 2013 / No Comments.


We’re not the type of people who need a reason to drink. If we’re breathing that’s reason enough. But for those of you who need more, here you go:


  1. Movember: As we say goodbye to October, we salute those men who are getting beard this November to raise money for prostate cancer. Put those razors in the trash and a beer in your hand in honor of these hairy-faced men.
  2. Halloween: Finally you can dress up as strange as you want and drink free of consequences or judgment. Let’s all enjoy our night of costumes and candy with a matching cocktail.
  3. World Series: The Red Sox have won, the trophy’s been raised, and the baseball season has come to an end. Be the MVP of your local bar and order a round for everyone in honor of the World Series Champs.
  4. Daylight Savings Time: Winter is coming. We officially turn back the clocks on Sunday and lose an hour of sleep. Daylight is becoming more and more precious, celebrate your last late sunset right with a cocktail in hand.
  5. Entourage: Despite Vince and Turtle holding out for more money, the hit HBO show will officially shoot its motion picture in January. Lets raise one to Aquaman and the boys from Queens and hope the movie lives up to all the hype.