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Don’t Judge A Rum by Its Color

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Rum often falls under the stereotype of umbrella drinks and fruity punches, and doesn’t receive credit for the complex and rich flavor it can bring. Furthermore, most people think of Captain Morgan or the various slew of white rums when it comes to the spirit. The dark rums of the world are often being overlooked and underappreciated and we won’t stand for it.


The same way dark beers are assumed to be heavy and filling, dark rums suffer from the same assumptions. In reality, they have a rich smooth flavor that’s delicious without being overwhelming.


Dark rum is made by aging clear rum in heavily charred barrels that allow a variety of flavors to blend into the liquor. The blend sometimes referred to as the scotch of rum, is typically aged for at least two years giving it time to add depth and flavor. The dark color comes from the addition of molasses, which also boosts the flavor at the same time. You can often find flavors of caramel, vanilla, and other spices in addition to molasses in a good dark rum.


Dark rum cocktails aren’t the (painfully) sweet mixes you’ll find on a tropical vacation but rich, crisp, and flavorful. Dark rum can easily be enjoyed straight in addition to some of our favorite cocktails.


Dark ‘n Stormy

1.5 oz Gosling’s Black Rum

Ginger Beer


Garnish with a lime wedge.


Roosevelt Cocktail

1.75 oz Dark rum

.5 oz Dry vermouth

.25 oz Orange juice

.25 tsp Sugar


Top with an orange twist.


Classic Cuban Daiquiri

2 oz Dark rum

1 oz Fresh lime juice

1 oz Simple syrup


Garnish with a lime wheel.


If you haven’t already, give dark rum a chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the flavor and cocktail potential it has.



Free Stuff People Sent Us That We May Or May Not Like. Round XLVI.

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the real mccoy review


A Rum Runner isn’t just a delicious cocktail you sip on the beach; it’s the name of the brave badass who sold rum during Prohibition. According to legend, Captain Bill McCoy was America’s first rum runner, illegally delivering rum to thirsty patrons. His rum became known as The Real McCoy and we got to taste it. Here’s what we thought.


The Real McCoy bottle has legend written all over it so naturally we were intrigued. When we first opened the bottle, the classic dark rum scent came through, spicy with hints of caramel and toffee. The rum had a sweet but subtle flavor filled with spice, caramel and molasses. We could tell immediately that the flavors in The Real McCoy were not artificial or syrupy which made the rum easy to sip on the rocks. There was a slight burn in the finish but it was one of those that warms you up and keeps you coming back for more.


Though we sipped The Real McCoy straight, we usually enjoy our dark rum in a cocktail. We suggest making a rum punch or hot buttered rum with this – you won’t regret it. At $28.99 it’s a steep price to pay for cocktails but it’s worth investing in a bottle if you’re a true rum lover – especially when you’re planning on entertaining.


Have you tried The Real McCoy? Tell us what you thought of the dark rum.