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The Drunk Uncles Guide to Gifting: Best Subscription Boxes

Our Stories / December 17, 2015 / No Comments.

Nothing brings the family together like the holidays and a gulp or two of liquor. Still stumped on what to get someone on your list? We’ve got a few ideas for you based solely on what they prefer in their glass:

The phrase, “a gift that keeps on giving” has never been more applicable. Give a gift that will literally continue for three+ months. That way, whoever you end up gifting this to will think of your beautiful, shining, face with every drink they have.

Tasting Room – an uber-personalized service that creates a wine profile based on your tasting experience. It’s like they’re in your brain or something.

Mel & Rose Champagne Club – get in touch with your high-society side with this year long commitment to bubbles. Each month will bring two different sparkling wines or champagnes.

Wine Globe’s Rum of the Month Club – at the end of a long day, coming home to a new bottle of rum is just what you might need. Or want. Same thing, right?

Caskers – although this subscription is on the pricey side, it’ll mean the world to the whiskey lover in your family. Three bottles every quarter does magic.

Bitters and Bottles – be your own bartender with this self-help subscription to the ingredients for the best cocktails around.

The Craft Beer Club – as one of the most prevalent subscription services around, this one is simple. Expand you beer palate.

Club W  – their line is, “right from the Vineyard to your doorstep.” While that’s hard to believe, the wines are just that good that we’ll agree to embellish upon the truth.

Flaviar – feel an urge to try more brands of spirits? You’re in luck. Gift this subscription, and coincidentally find your way over to your friend’s house.


Love wine? Join the club.

Our Stories / December 23, 2014 / No Comments.

club-w_1396363274There is a club for everyone nowadays. If there’s something you love (literally anything) you can sign up online and someone somewhere will send you a perfectly packaged box full of it. Maybe beauty products are your thing, or you just can’t get enough chocolate but for us, it’s wine.

That’s where Club W comes in (the W stands for wine, come on guys) and hooks you up with all sorts of new liquid treats. Once you sign up, you are prompted to answer a few questions to fill out their “Palate Profile” and every month they will suggest new wines for your to try based on your answers. You can go ahead and try what they recommend or pick out something different – either way the wine shows up at your door. Talk about every wino’s dream delivery.

What will it cost you? Their site tells us that the “monthly experience starts at 3 bottles a month for $39 + $6 flat rate shipping” but if you want more “Club W covers shipping on orders of 6 or more bottles!” – works for us. If you’re looking to get us something this holiday season, feel free to send us one of their gift subscriptions