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This Is The Best Beer Can of Summer

Beer / June 7, 2017 / 3 Comments.

Sorry, Budweiser. Yes, you managed to somehow up the American ante, which I didn’t think was possible after you made cans that literally replaced your brand name with “America” last summer. But you did it. Now they’re camo-colored too. (What happens if you put it down in the grass to throw a Frisbee? You’ll never find it again.) But Bud, you do not have the coolest-looking beer of the summer.


Sorry, Sam Adams. Your new Sam Summer cans are quite colorful and snazzy. They look modern and summery and, why yes, I do want to drink one right now. I will even admit that, after drinking a few of these, I will probably argue with friends over which color tastes the best, even if I know damn well it’s the exact same beer inside. But Sam, you do not have the coolest-looking beer of the summer, either.


That’s because this is the finest-looking, most majestic beer you will lay your eyes on this summer:


The best beer can of summer. Retro-cool New England brewery Narragansett got even retro-cooler when they brought back their 1975 can design. The can that was made iconic by “Jaws,” in which the grizzled Captain Quint literally crushed one:


Just look at that thing. It makes me want to grow a bushy 1970’s mustache, throw on some cutoff jean shorts and mow the lawn. But even if you don’t do that, do yourself a favor: Grab some of these beautiful cans, load them into an icy cooler, and class up your summer.

Introducing the MANCAN

Wine / December 13, 2016 / No Comments.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-4-13-39-pmBack in 2014, Graham Veysey met up with a friend for a drink after work. He found himself wondering if there was any way to make drinking wine easier. He had been a wine lover for a long time, but was tired of trying to distinguish between Merlots and Pino Noirs that other, more seasoned wine-o’s love to drone on about. He wanted something for every-day people who love wine, but don’t need all the fanfare. That very night, he brought the web domain mancanwine.com.

Two years later, MANCAN is being sold in eight states, with more to come soon. This wine comes in 12.6 oz. cans, which is equal to exactly half a bottle of wine. It is produced and canned in Sonoma County, CA and sources local grapes. It comes in three varieties: a dry full bodied red; a crisp, sweet white; and a sparkling white.

We love wine and we love this idea. Countless times we’ve experienced avoiding drinking wine because we either didn’t know what to order or we didn’t want to deal with the stemware. Cans are just so much safer. You can’t tailgate or play a round of golf with a glass of wine- unless you’re willing to have an embarrassing red wine stain on your pants. Wine-o’s like us who want a way to drink wine in any setting, will be lining up to buy this stuff. Well done Mr. Veysey, well done.


Crush A Can Day: Recycling Meets Drinking

Beer / September 27, 2016 / No Comments.

giphyThe world is currently full of green initiatives: walking or biking instead of driving a car, using reusable water bottles, avoiding littering, and shortening your showers (or even showering together if you’re into that kind of stuff). Still, the easiest way for the average person to make a difference is by recycling. Most of us already do it (yay for us), but today provides a reason to start recycle for people who don’t already. Not to mention- a fun reason. It’s National Crush a Can Day so what better excuse to drink some brews and do some good at the same time?

So with that being said- let’s drink up. Follow the instructions to crush it to perfection and repeat. At the end of the night (or day, nobody is judging) throw all of it in a bag and recycle it!

*Safety tip: beware of following this procedure under heavy alcoholic intoxication.

Ideal Can Crushing Technique:

  1. Finish your canned beverage of choice.
  2. Squeeze the sides together at the very middle part of the can until the sides of the can touch.
  3. At the top and bottom part, punch the can together at right angles.
  4. Twist the can in either direction. It should start to get smaller.
  5. Finally, apply force from the top and bottom to make the can as short as you can.


Man Cave: Rose In A Can

Man Cave / May 15, 2016 / No Comments.


Don’t worry guys; it’s still cool if we want to drink Rosé. In fact, it’s easier now than it ever has been. Mangrove Estates has a new canned Rosé called The Drop that lets us enjoy our favorite wine without worrying about breaking any glasses.

It’s even named after the surfing term, which gives it an extra edge if any of your friends are giving you a hard time about your sophisticated tastes. The can was designed by Safari Sundays. If you weren’t all-in on the brosé trend already, then you definitely will be after a look at this packaging.

So get outside with a couple cans of Rosé and drink like the classy bro you are. Nothing can stop you now.


New Coors Light Can: “The World’s Most Refreshing”

Our Stories / June 2, 2013 / 1 Comment.

Coors Light Can


Coors Light is planning to bring us the “most refreshing summer,” with their latest can design. Seems like every brand is releasing an innovative new can, so it’s about time Coors jumped on the bandwagon.


The new Coors Light can features some new and some old Coors Light tricks.  Thanks to a double-vented wider mouth, the beer will now have a smoother pour. Plus old favorites like the Frost Brew liner and their signature cold-activated mountains are making a re-appearance.


Look for the new cans as early as this week. We’re pretty sure they’ll make zero difference in our beer drinking experience but the verdict is still out.