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Michiganites: Do Some Good By Drinking Some Good Brews

Featured Story / December 26, 2016 / No Comments.

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-12-07-43-pmIt’s not too late to do something charitable this holiday season. Like drink some beers. According to Thrillist, Stephen Roginson, owner of Batch Brewing Company, started a non-profit program called Feelgood Tap that let’s people donate to good causes just for drinking beer.

Here’s how it works: Bars, breweries, and restaurants can pick any beer from their menu and raise the price by $1. When customers order that beer, that extra dollar goes to Feelgood Tap who then gives the donation to local and regional charities with a community, culture, and wellness mission. Pretty nice, huh? If you’re feeling charitable this week, stop by any of the participating bars, breweries, or restaurants below and drink up!

Or if you’re an establishment owner and you want to get in on the action, email info@feelgoodtap.org for more information.

Places to Drink & Donate:

  • Ascension Brewing Company
  • Batch Brewing Company
  • Bridge Street Tap Room
  • Clubhouse BFD
  • Falling Down Beer Company
  • Grand Rapids Brewing Company
  • Green Dot Stables
  • HopCat
  • Jolly Pumpkin Cafe & Brewery
  • Kickstand Brewing Company
  • Kuhnhenn Brewing Co.
  • La Rondinella
  • Motor City Brewing Works
  • One-Eyed Betty’s
  • Pete’s Place
  • River’s Edge Brewing Co.
  • River Rouge Brewing Company
  • Tap 30
  • Tri City Brewing Company

Brews That’ll Ease You Into Autumn

Beer / September 15, 2016 / No Comments.

anchor-porter-1024x1024Autumn is just around the corner – time to trade in your shandies and summer ales for something a little more in tune with the season. Allow us to suggest a few of our favorite fall brews…

Odell Brewing Company: Oktoberfest

Octoberfest style lagers have exploded in recent years. With more and more breweries across the country trying their hand at crafting a version of this traditional German brew, finding the right Octoberfest is fast becoming a Fall tradition.  The Colorado based Odell Brewing Company’s has taken a more traditional approach with their offering, using Munich and toffee malts with a subtle blend of floral hops. This lager boasts a sweet, biscuity flavor which the brewers themselves describe as “a liquid version of a fresh-baked doughy pretzel.”

We’ll have 3. 

Bantam Cider Company: Wunderkind

The Cambridge, MA based Bantam Cider Company blends fresh local apples with flavors of cinnamon and flower-blossom honey to form their flagship offering, “Wunderkind.”  This American cider is crisp, bright and refreshing.  Perfect for your next tailgate or Thanksgiving dinner.

Dogfish Head: Punkin Ale

A good pumpkin beer isn’t easy to come by. Yet for beer lovers, it’s essential for a quality Autumn booze lineup.  With that, we crown Dogfish Head’s “Punkin Ale” as king of the pumpkin patch this fall.  Brewed with pumpkin meat, brown sugar and spices, this Autumn classic delivers the right pumpkin flavors without overwhelming you.

Anchor Brewing Company: Anchor Porter

Fun fact: stouts and porters are just as delicious at room temperature as they are straight out of the fridge.  So when you start to see your thermostat drop this fall, go grab an extra sweater, throw a log on the fire, and pour yourself a glass of Anchor Porter. This first of its kind dark American porter, (which is currently celebrating its 44th anniversary), perfectly blends pale, caramel, chocolate, and black malts to create a smooth and drinkable beer guaranteed to keep you warm.


Spooky Brews: The Top Halloween Beers

Beer / October 19, 2015 / No Comments.


On Halloween, if a costume makes a person, then a beer label makes the beer. You wouldn’t show up with normal clothes on Halloween, so why show up with normal beer? Whatever you’re planning on doing for this year’s Hallow’s Eve, there’s one thing you need in order to make the evening complete: some good, spooky beer. Whether it tastes like a pumpkin patch or alludes to your most feared Halloween monster, these beers put the boo in booze.

Zombie Dust by Three Floyds Brewing Co.

Don’t be too afraid by the armored zombie king on the label because you will definitely want to try this apocalyptic brew. This constantly dominates beer reviews, so if you’re looking for a Halloween beer with real “street cred,” this is it. Zombie Dust is intensely hopped with citrus aromas and is a 6.4% ABV American Pale Ale. Bring a six-pack of this to your Halloween party, and zombies will be crawling out of their graves just for a sip.

The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Flying Dog Brewing Company

For those of you who want a truly authentic Halloween beer, snatch a pack of these. Brewed from locally grown pumpkins and a secret blend of spices, this dark ale tastes like pumpkin pie with notes of graham crackers and chocolate. But don’t be fooled by the sweet taste because it has a 9% ABV and a terrifying ghoulish dog screaming from the label.

Cucapá Chupacabras by Cucapá Brewing Co.

Named after the mysterious creature, this famous Mexican craft beer is one of the spookiest and hoppiest beers in Mexico. It has a deep copper color with rich creamy caramel and chocolate aromas. If you don’t know what a chupacabra is, check out the label. It should give you some sort of idea. The name literally translates to “goat sucker,” due to the reports that this rarely seen alien/demon-looking beast has been seen feeding on livestock. Thirsty yet?

Evil Dead Red by Alesmith Brewing Co.

Brewed only for Halloween season, this blood Red ale goes perfectly with even the most terrifying horror flick. With intense aromas of pine and citrus, this beer finishes smooth and will leave you fending off evil spirits just like in the movie it’s named after. But, the spookiness doesn’t end there. The alcohol content clocks in at a devilish 6.66% ABV.