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Free Stuff People Sent Us That We May Or May Not Like. Round XLX.

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There may be one thing in the world that we love more than booze… ice cream. It’s our go to dessert and we never turn down a cup (or a pint). Alcoholic ice cream has been a slowly growing trend and you better bet we’re all about it. Our latest indulgence: Tipsy Scoop from NYC.


The liquor-infused ice cream blends their favorite cocktail ingredients with the sweet goodness of ice cream creating one of the most delicious things we’ve ever tasted. Their list of flavors is mouthwatering and we were lucky enough to receive one of their “Be My Tipsy Valentine” special packages. Here’s the scoop on the flavors.


Intoxicated, Fat & In Love: Yes, that is the real name. Flavored with Cake vodka, Frangelico, cherry liqueur and white chocolate liqueur, this ice cream was delicious. It tasted like a cookie covered in icing with the perfect hint of booze. The cherry and white chocolate liqueurs were a winner in this flavor and made us wishing we could indulge in it all afternoon.


Deep Dark Chocolate Depression & Salted Caramel Whiskey Tears: The name says it all. Whiskey and chocolate liqueur flavored ice cream with a sea salt caramel swirl and chocolate chunks. Sounds like heaven on Earth doesn’t it? The whiskey flavor shines in this boozy ice cream and the chocolate sends it over the edge. This is all we want for Valentine’s Day. Screw love.


Red Hot Drunken Pseudo Lover: The booziest flavor of them all, this ice cream is spiked with crème de cacao, peppermint schnapps, Bailey’s and Kahlua. It tasted like a Mudslide milkshake with a hint of minty goodness. We were wishing there were chocolate chips in this one but that’s just the over-indulger in us.


If you couldn’t already tell, Tipsy Scoop may be one of our favorite tastings ever. The liquored up ice cream is available to cater your next party or event in the NYC area. Or you can order their Valentine’s Day package for your loved one (or yourself). Tipsy Scoop is the only date we’re looking forward to this February 14.

Yuengling Ice Cream: The Biggest Tease in Boozy Dessert History

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Yuengling Ice Cream

Beer and dessert lovers around the U.S. geeked out recently when “Yuengling” and “ice cream” were mentioned in the same sentence. When we heard the news, our heads instantly went towards the limitless possibilities of uniting two of the greatest things on Earth: beer and ice cream. All the combinations and flavors we could achieve would make dessert the new happy hour. Sadly, our resounding cheer of applause fell flat when we dug a little deeper.


D.G. Yuengling & Son first started brewing beer in the U.S. in 1829 in Pottsville, PA and their traditional lager has been a favorite around the country ever since. However, during the dark and tragic days of Prohibition, Yuengling shifted a large part of their business into dairy products, namely ice cream. After 65 years of being in the dessert business, Fritz Yuengling’s son decided he’d rather play with computers for a living and all ice cream hopes were lost. Recently, David Yuengling, has decided to save the family business saying he has, “a second chance,” and is out to put their line of delicious dessert options back on shelves.


Here’s (our) problem: there is no beer, alcohol, or anything really proprietary about the returning Yuengling ice cream. The sad truth is that the Yuengling beer and ice cream businesses are completely separate and simply share a common family name. They plan to release flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip. This could be one of the biggest teases in boozy ice cream history.


Excited fans took to social media to voice their excitement at the possibility of a true Yuengling float to which David responded that he finds that, “disgusting”. Clearly, David doesn’t know how to have any boozy fun.


Stay tuned: we have the real answer to your dessert dreams.