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What’s Happening With Whiskey

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America’s favorite spirit is always keeping us on our toes. With two aged whiskies joining the party and brand new flavors, we have even more bottles to get our hands on. Here’s the latest whiskey news.


Living up to its name, Woodstock is proving to be an innovator in the bourbon whiskey category. After their releases of cinnamon flavored Hot Licks and honey flavored Killer Bee, Woodstock is coming out with two new very interesting bourbon flavors. Vanzilla and After Dark are set to become two of the first vanilla and chocolate bourbons on the market. Naturally, we’re hesitant about drinking flavored bourbon but we’ll do it in the name of booze. The two new flavors will be available in March for $16.99. Jury’s still out on these.


In Louisiana, aged whiskey hasn’t been in production since Prohibition but Thibodaux’s Donner-Peltier Distillery is finally ready to crank out some of America’s favorite spirit. Their release, LA1 bourbon is distilled with native ingredients and is a, “tip of the hat to Louisiana farmers” says founder Tom Donner. The whiskey is available at the distillery now and with full production starting shortly, we should see these bottles from the Big Easy on the shelves soon enough.


Moving on to Minnesota. The first aged whiskey made in the state is ready for your tasting. Panther Distillery in Osakis is rolling out their aged whiskey called Minnesota 14, a tribute to the Gopher State (rough nickname). The first ever whiskey distillery in the state aged their corn-based whiskey for nearly two years in white oak barrels. The first batch from Panther is now available at 600 local stores in Minnesota. Anyone else – you’ll have to take a visit to the distillery.



Fast Forward the Aging of Whiskey

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Cleveland Whiskey


Earlier this month, we talked about how some whiskey distilleries are having trouble keeping up with demand because of the time it takes to age whiskey properly. This is obviously a pretty big issue for smaller distilleries, but one Cleveland enterprise may have found a solution. It probably seems sacrilegious to some of you whiskey purists, but for the distillers, it could be their ticket to speeding up the process and getting their product on the shelves.


Tom Lix of Cleveland Whiskey has created a method of aging whiskey that takes less than six months, instead of the typical 10 years. The magic starts with Lix’s original bourbon recipe. He puts the whiskey into stainless steel tanks with chopped up pieces of the barrels it’s stored in. The pressure in the tanks is increased so the wood chips basically turn into sponges that soak up all the whiskey. Once the wood chips have soaked up as much as possible, they are squeezed out and the process is repeated.


The production time from bourbon to bottle is about six months. Cleveland Whiskey started selling its product on March 1, and they’ve already been selling about 1,000 bottles a week. And the flavor isn’t bad either. When tasted against some of its competitors, Lix said 60 to 70 percent of people chose Cleveland Whiskey.


Lix is hoping that his innovation in whiskey production will change the industry in America. It will be interesting to see if other distilleries begin using this method.


Do you think other distilleries will go down this quick aging whiskey road?