The Thanksgiving season is for family, delicious food and attending awkward parties with people from your past. The tradition of high school reunions is one that seems to get more painful with time. Whether it’s been 5, 10 or 40 years since you called these strangers ‘classmates’ you can’t walk into a room of them without some kind of plan:

Roll Deep: Bring your significant other or call up the few high school friends you still keep in touch with. They’ll be your human Get Out Of Jail Free card when your prom date tries reigniting an old flame.

Check The Guest List: Check the Facebook event to see who’s going. You don’t want to be surprised by someone you thought lived in Europe. It’ll be good to get a refresher on everyone’s names too.

Learn Your Script: “What do you do for work?” “Where are you living these days?” “Still single?” Prepare concise answers for these potentially brutal questions so you don’t mind saying them over and over and over.

Be Nice: If you were a high school bully this is your chance to redeem yourself. If you were a nice person this is your chance to remind everyone.

Pace Yourself: If you’re in it for the long haul you’re gonna need to take your time on the drinking front. You’ll need a little something to make it through but don’t embarrass yourself by being the drunkest at the party.


And most importantly, remember that you can always leave. Or better yet – just stay home and catch up on Narcos instead.