We love the Super Bowl; it’s that magical day every year where we eat pizza and wings, watch good (we hope) commercials, scream at the TV, hang out with friends and drink heavily. Drinking is a pretty big part of watching the game, so if you’re throwing a party, you need to make sure your bar is properly stocked.

Here are our game-day tips…

Our 2013 Superbowl Drinking Game:

Finish your drink every time they show Ray Lewis crying, surrounded by flaming torches, or kneeling on the field with his arms raised to the sky.

Drinks for Ravens Fans (hint, they’re from Baltimore)

• Heavy Seas Beer

• Wine from Boordy Vineyards

• Pikesville Whiskey

• Sloop Betty Vodka from Blackwater Distilling

Drinks for 49ers Fans (hint, they’re from San Francisco)

• Anchor Brewing Beer

• Gallo Wine

• Hangar One Vodka

• No. 209 Gin

Still bitter that your team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl? We have two suggestions:

1. Drink whatever you want.

2. Take a shot every time someone gets a touchdown. By the time the game is over, you won’t even remember which teams were playing.

Either way, have fun, be safe and pray that Ray Lewis doesn’t cry TOO much when the game is over.