We are a strong believer in Sunday Funday. Drinking before noon is encouraged, delicious food is expected- what’s not to love? And nothing makes a better excuse to get your drink on on a Sunday afternoon better than a football game. Even though football season has come to an end for most teams, Sunday’s can still be fun (especially for Patriots and Falcons fans).

With one major Sunday Funday coming up (for those who are living under a ROCK, the Super Bowl is next weekend), we want to give y’all some tips to optimize your afternoon.

First of all- your venue is important. Stay at home or hit a bar? Be sure to pick the one that is right for the type of day you’re looking to have. Really into the game? Stay at home so you can actually hear and see the television. Or pick a sports bar where you know the game will be on every TV and fellow fans will be cheering on your team.  Just in it for the drinks? Hit a bar with some fun music. Just don’t be that one guy repeatedly asking the bartender to switch TV stations or turn up the volume in a bar where no one else is invested in the game.

Second on the list- drinking. Sunday Funday is not a race, it’s a marathon. Get over your skis too early and your day is finished before it even started. Please don’t be that drunk friend that everyone has to take care of for the rest of the day (we’ve all been there). Drink too slow and your day will be boring, thus you will probably become the buzzkill of the group (unless you’re the DD then we’re all about #TeamSober). If paced correctly, it can be the best day ever. We recommend starting with Bloody Mary’s. They’re usually drank at a more relaxed pace and they go great with brunch or bar snacks. Find a place that has a Bloody Mary bar or get the ingredients to make your own at home! Add some bacon/olives/pickles/shrimp/sliders or whatever else your little heart desires. You can’t go wrong with this recipe from Foodiecrush.

And lastly- get a solid group together. You could be at the best sports bar in town with the perfect table but it won’t matter if you are surrounded by people who aren’t on the same page as you. Take advantage of being able to hang out with friends and family while rooting for your favorite team. We promise, Sunday Funday will become your favorite part of the weekend.