CKdOgq3UAAAwUZ3Traveling this summer? Forget overcrowded tourist destinations, here at Drinking In America we believe that there’s no better way to get a true taste of a city’s culture than by immersing ourselves in its bar scene. Don’t waste another second picking through (oft-hilarious) multi-paragraph Yelp reviews to find your drinking destination for the night. Come along for the ride as we explore our 7th edition of Summer City Sips featuring Raleigh, North Carolina.

Oak trees line the streets of North Carolina’s capital city, making it quite a sight to see. Raleigh is a place full of life and rich history, as anyone can experience through the city’s copious amount of museums and other famous attractions. It’s also the home to North Carolina State University, providing the area with a bustling crowd of young and intelligent city-goers. As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, we’re not surprised that the Raleigh Beer Garden is taking over as the world’s hottest new spot with the largest selection of brews to choose from. If you’re in or around this semi-Southern city, we certainly recommend you stop in for a quick (or not so quick) refreshment.

The Raleigh Beer Garden opened its doors to the public only a few days ago (July 21st), but that doesn’t mean the bar hasn’t already made a name for itself. Already, the beer garden has more beers on tap than any place on earth. That’s right, you heard us—on earth! That means even more brews are offered than at a traditional biergarten in Germany. The Raleigh Beer Garden is actually in the process of claiming its Guinness World Record for their wide selection of 366 beers, each with an individual tap. While 222 of those brews originate from all over the country and around the world, the remaining 144 are native to North Carolina, as they’re locally sourced from the state’s 21 craft breweries.

If you’re not a fan of a nice cold beer, don’t fret. The beer garden also contains a bar serving high-end cocktails, most of which are made with locally distilled spirits. With three stories, indoor and outdoor seating, and a rooftop patio, the Raleigh Beer Garden has something to satisfy pretty much everyone. As the craft beer industry booms on, Raleigh is certainly stepping up its game, and with a visit to the Raleigh Beer Garden, you’ll without a doubt experience the best booze-filled retreat the city has to offer.