roadsideattractionTraveling this summer? Forget overcrowded tourist destinations, here at Drinking In America we believe that there’s no better way to get a true taste of a city’s culture than by immersing ourselves in its bar scene. Don’t waste another second picking through (oft-hilarious) multi-paragraph Yelp reviews to find your drinking destination for the night. Check out our 5th edition of our favorite Summer City Sips featuring, Portland, Oregon.

Portland, nicknamed P-Town by locals and satirized famously on TV show Portlandia, has become known for its unique and hipster-cool culture. Your not going to find more individuals in one place so creative, progressive and witty than these folks, so it’s no surprise they’ve got some of the nations most eclectic bars right in the city they inhabit. In such a happening place, it can be a little difficult to settle on a bar to go to, especially if your stay is a short one. But if it were us, we know exactly where we would go– the hidden gem of Portland, Roadside Attraction.

This quirky bar opened just under a decade ago in 2006 but still manages to create an ambiance like it’s seen decades pass through. While the drinks and service are both on point, it’s truly the setting that makes this place such a success– decorated with roadside findings of the past that remind you of the paths you’ve traveled in life. You might miss the front entrance when you first walk by, but rest assured, the patio– full of plants, flowers and other kick-knacks– will win your heart. And if that doesn’t do it for you, the live performances, open pit fire, bench swings, and funky alcoves for seating will.

Named after Australian author Tom Robbin’s novel, Roadside Attraction is known around town for being a casual and laid back getaway where the jukebox takes over and problems fade. In the world of surround sound, this place is still kickin’ it old school– and winning. An opium den, which looks like something straight out of the 1930’s, is brought to life with a pool table where locals and visitors play for hours. The BBQ and southern style won’t let you down either. With great drinks, good food, and a killer ambiance, Roadside Attraction has the whole-package. So, it’s settled then. Roadside attraction is officially on the itinerary for your next, or first, Portland excursion.