Traveling this summer? Forget overcrowded tourist destinations, here at Drinking In America we believe that there’s no better way to get a true taste of a city’s culture than by immersing ourselves in its bar scene. Don’t waste another second picking through (oft-hilarious) multi-paragraph Yelp reviews to find your drinking destination for the night. Join us as we drink on to our 6th edition of Summer City Sips featuring the Mile High City– Denver, Colorado.

If your traveling to Denver this summer you might be planning a day of hiking, museum touring, or maybe strictly business meetings. Whatever it is, you’ll need to end the day with a trip to our pick for Denver’s swankiest bar, The Thin Man. The Thin Man is a Tavern (thin in shape, not booze) with a cozy atmosphere located in Central Denver where locals and tourists flock to unwind. The casual ambiance mirrors the people of this Mid-West city through and through– a funky watering hole that’s welcoming to all.

The Thin Man, loved for its unpretentious vibes, is famous for its house-infused vodka. With flavors like Sweet Tea, Vanilla and Cucumber for just $5, its guaranteed to make a good night better. Helpful and chatty bartenders have been known to inspire you to try something new or to size you up until they can recommend a drink that’s exactly what you were looking for. They’re that good. 

With a name inspired by a Dashiell Hammett detective novel, the hot spot is decorated with religious depictions and catholic symbolism giving it an interesting twist on a border-line hipster hang out.  The space is lit up by Christmas lights on the ceilings and across red walls–giving every face a pinkish glow. Just like our other favorite summer bars, The Thin Man offer’s outdoor seating, a definite must in great weather. Just imagine sitting on The Thin Man’s unique van seats breathing in the warm Colorado air on a Friday night in July… doesn’t get much better.