picstitchSome parts of the country still have snow on the ground, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that today is the first official day of SPRING. Just like you need to flip your mattress and pack up your winter clothes, you also need to do some spring cleaning for your bar. Spring is all about keeping it fresh and light, so you should have some drinks on hand for the occasion.


Beer: One classic spring beer is Maibock – literally translated from German as “the bock beer of May.” It’s a bit lighter in color and can be medium to full-bodied. Summit Brewing Co. in St. Paul, Minnesota has a great Maibock (probably because people in Minnesota really look forward to spring after those winters). This particular variety has a toasted sweetness with a little spice in the finish and it’s only brewed in the springtime at Summit.


Wine: The white wines definitely reign supreme, as the weather gets warmer. Sauvignon Blanc is our favorite choice for spring because of the crisp citrusy flavors, and it pairs well with popular spring foods like fresh asparagus and goat cheese. If you simply must have your red wine, Beaujolais is a fantastic option for spring – it’s light and fruity and tastes best when it’s young (yes, this is also the classic Thanksgiving wine). You’ll also want to have some Champagne on hand whether you choose to drink it alone, or in a refreshing cocktail.


Liquor: Everyone has their favorites, but consider keeping some lighter liquors around to make some delicious spring cocktails. Go for gin, tequila, or vodka. If these liquors aren’t your preference, that’s okay – the other ingredients in your cocktails play a big role too.


Extras: We love the idea of experimenting with different fruits and even flowers. Spring brings a whole crop of fresh produce and that will really make the flavors in your cocktails pop. We’re thinking rhubarb, strawberries, lemon, cucumber, mint, and lavender.


Regardless of what you choose to stock your bar with, all we have to say is: Happy Spring.