4th of july drinksWhen you’re getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July, you need to make sure that your bar is stocked accordingly. We’re not talking about just being prepared for guests and having all of your favorites – we’re celebrating America, people, and therefore you need a bar full of beer, wine and spirits that are all made in America. Seriously, what says “I love the U.S.A.” more than an ice cold beer made on American soil? Make Thomas Jefferson proud this Independence Day and drink the beverages that make America so special.


All-American Beer Brands:

  • Samuel Adams
  • Yuengling
  • Coors
  • Miller
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Any awesome craft beer you can find in your area


All-American Wine Brands:

  • Arnot-Roberts
  • E&J Gallo Winery
  • Beringer
  • Sutter Home
  • Franzia (for the boxed wino’s)
  • Anything from your local vineyard
  • The best thing about wine is that it says where it was made right on the label. Keep your eyes open for California, Washington, or Oregon.


All-American Liquor Brands:

  • Jack Daniels
  • Jim Beam
  • Bluecoat American Dry Gin
  • Tito’s Vodka
  • Prichard’s Rum
  • Evan Williams
  • Cornelius Applejack


What are your favorite American-made booze brands? Have a great 4th of July holiday and drink responsibly.