Beer is awesome, so we love when we hear about new innovations that have been created to make our beer even better. This week, that innovation is a little thing called SteadyServ and we just read about it in The Wall Street Journal‘s CIO Journal.


SteadServ Technologies LLC is a startup company that is hoping to take the beer world by storm. They hook up kegs at restaurants and bars with sensors that monitor beer levels for the staff. Up until now, it’s always been a bit of a guessing game when trying to figure out how much beer is left in a keg – it usually involves a lot of shaking and estimating, which may or may not be way off. And we all know that usually ends with an extra foamy beer.


The SteadyServ iKeg sensor lives in a round metal disk that is placed at the bottom of a keg. It can monitor the weight of the keg to within a few pints, tracks the date and time, and then sends that data to SteadyServ. That means no more crappy estimating and no more phone calls to place new keg orders because the iKeg sensor has all of that covered.


SteadyServ then shoots that summary of information out to an app on the customer’s phone or PC. The app doesn’t just tell them about how much beer is left, though; it’s an amazing sales and marketing tool. The summary the owner receives has pie charts that show the most popular and least popular beers, beer depletion rates over time, and other super helpful data to help customers understand their inventory a lot better. SteadyServ’s plan for the future is to integrate with point-of-sale systems so they will be able to calculate how much is being spent on beer and help customers realize whether or not they’re over or under-ordering certain brands.


SteadyServ is finally coming out of beta this month and is preparing to be more widely available to restaurant and bar owners across the country. We don’t even own a drinking establishment and we’re excited about what this means for the drinking world.


Our favorite part about SteadyServ that does affect us? Owners can hook it up to their bar’s social media and send out status updates about how many pints of certain beers are left. Cheers to keg sensors.